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Universal reflection of one student activity from Avicenna University

Abdul Nasir Folad is a postgraduate student of international relationship of political science of Avicenna University. Folad during four years of university beside of academic and class activities, introduced as an active student over the university. One of his achievements in university was establishing of ‘Student gathering’ in Avicenna university that in fact by his… Read More...

Long steps towards sagacity

Signing a cooperation contract between Avicenna University and Chinese Confucius Organization branched in Kabul University
Sagacity is not possible without language knowledge. Language knowledge is a preparation for knowing of culture, history, education, and humanity’s civilization. Language, in addition to a symbolic and systematic discipline of knowing and understanding of phenomena is also a tool… Read More...

A Study about the language issue of the fourth volume of Sarajut Tawarikh

On Thursday, 11. Nov 2016, there was a great academic program about a study on language and literature of the fourth volume of Mostatab Sarajut Tawarikh in Conference Hall of Avicenna University. This program was held because of unveiling of the second edition publishing of the fourth volume of Sarajut Tawarikh in Avicenna University and… Read More...

New issue of Sina Book is released

New issue of Sina Book is different in three sides from the previous issues. First, Sina Book is credited as an academic magazine from the Ministry of Higher Education. Thus, it is noticeable to congratulate this academic achievement and success to academic faculties and colleagues and to appreciate the day and night efforts of all… Read More...

Glorifying AU Professors and Top Students Admitted to Prestigious International Universities

Universities serve to nurture humanity and, to that end, Avicenna stands at top. This time, AU professors and students have entered international competition, surpassing others. South Asian Association, an organization for regional cooperation, participated by eight South Asian countries, undertake joint political, economic and cultural activities. The cultural arm of the Association has established a… Read More...

Students’ Debate: “Gauging Effectiveness of Youth Role in Peace Building in Afghanistan”

On Wednesday, 13 July 2016, a students’ debate session, titled as “Gauging Effectiveness of Youth Role in Peace Building in Afghanistan”, was conducted among students from Avicenna, Kabul and Afghanistan universities. The session was facilitated by AU student’s association and AndishaVaran Institute. The event was inaugurated by Dr. Shafaq Khavati’s speech on “the Stance of… Read More...

Avicenna Professors and Students’ Recent Success Story

Quality and standard education proves rewarding, however, taking long. Avicenna professors and students have recently made major accomplishments, indicating competence and efficiency of AU’s educational system.
Mr. Ahmad Shah Mobarez, an AU Economics Professor, is awarded a Fulbright Doctoral Fellowship to pursue a PhD in the United States. Furthermore, three students from AU Economics and… Read More...


Some universities have recently published a report on ‘university evaluation’ by the Ministry of Higher Education. We hereby inform you that the report content, as shared across social media, is incorrect; the report only shows results from the first round of evaluation by the Ministry of Higher Education. The remaining private universities have yet to… Read More...

Women’s Studies Forum

On the occasion of International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women on 25 Nov 2015, Women’s Studies Center and the AU Law Faculty, in cooperation with AU Students Association, held a large forum, titled as ‘Women’s Movement from Amanullah’s Period to The Republic Era’, ‘Obstacles Against Women’s Political Participation’, ‘Rights of Accused and… Read More...

The Book Launch Ceremony of “Lighting Ash” in Avicenna University

On Tuesday, 3 March 2016, the book “Lighting Ash”, authored by Ms. Zahra Yagana, was launched through a magnificent ceremony in Avicenna University. The ceremony was participated by students, fans, academics and university professors, including Dr. Mohammad Amin Ahmadi, AU chancellor, and Dr. Sima Samar, Head of Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission. During the event,… Read More...